Yardi Automation As-A-Service

June 1, 2020
The need of regular diagnostics
April 14, 2020

Intelligent Automation is the future. Most organizations and likely yours as well have Intelligent Automation as one of its key priorities for 2020 and beyond, will continuously plan to enhance the way Automation needs to be redefined with the addition of new tools and technologies.

Before you break out any automation tools, it is critical that you first identify, and map out exactly which processes are best to automate. How do you identify which Business processes to automate? Very often, a good guess or feeling helps to identify first good candidates, but are those the right ones?

Some organizations have a Centre of Excellence (COE) in place that collects ideas for functional test cases, takes a closer look at it and prioritizes it accordingly. The COE does some type of process discovery, but it is all very manual; for example, looking over the shoulder of the employees or even sometimes just discussing them to see what can be automated. That is all very time-consuming, and if you look at the entire project, the discovery phase likely takes most of the time, and with that, creates most of the costs. Implementing our ready to use Intelligent Automation Framework is fast, once you know exactly what you want to automate, we can pick and choose from our reusable Yardi Automation suite to reduce the onboarding time.

With Yardi Jump Start Kit for Automation, following services can be availed,

  1. Ready to Deploy: Low cost – AI Driven Automation framework
  2. Ready to Re-use: Automated Yardi Test Suite for quick onboarding
  3. Experienced Automation Consultants with experience into large QA Transformation

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