Robotics Process Automation

In the age of digital transformation, everyone is using automation in some area to meet the evolving demands of business - agility, 24/7 global access, speed and accuracy. But still a vast amount of tasks are not fully automated for a multitude of reasons. Now with Robotic Process Automation or RPA there are possible ways to automate all or stages of manual rule-based process and consistently apply rules in which humans make potential errors or apply inconsistent rules. With RPA in place, the potential impact on reducing costs and speeding up various manual tasks, is high. If your organisation is looking to take the next step and use the benefits of advanced technologies for data analytics, then RPA is the stopgap for you, en route to intelligent automation (IA) via machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) tools, which can be trained to make judgments about future outputs. At QualityArc we have partnered with industry leaders in RPA to create smart solutions that can help you to streamline enterprise operations and reduce costs.


At QualityArc we are committed to our customer’s success and success can be measured only through faster RoI. Hence, our RPA consultants will help in not only assessment but also ensure successful implementation of RPA practices across your enterprise, through workshops, high level process scans, deep dive assessment and help you develop a powerful business case for enterprise wide implementation.

We wil:

  • Conduct opportunity assessment
  • Build business case
  • Design operating and governance model


Once the planning has been done, one of the most critical phases is development and deployment. At QualityArc, all developers and consultants are RPA certified and highly skilled to work across tools and technologies, which gives us an edge over other vendors. As most of the RPA service providers are partners with some specific tool companies and are restricted to those tools. At QualityArc, we believe in learning a technology and not a tool.

We will do:

  • Bot deployment
  • Bot sustainment
  • Benefit realisation