Lifecycle Testing

Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) is continuously evolving i.e. from Waterfall to Agile to DevOps. Testing as a phase in SDLC also needs to evolve to help deliver Quality solutions. We can help you during the Test planning and Test execution across the range of projects and technologies.

Time and again the question is asked whether we have done right testing. Applying the right testing techniques and approaches are key to effectively mitigate the quality risks. Our baseline approach to any testing project is fine-tuned based on business context so as to assure the best quality solution with optimum resources. The key pillars of our lifecycle testing framework are:

Requirement Assurance

Our risk based approach helps to provide clarity to requirements as and when they come up.

   Test Planning

Our risk based test strategy approach assure adequate test coverage to meet the quality criteria for the project.

    Test Execution

Identification and prioritisation of the tests to cover higher business and technology risks are key to ensure high quality.

   Defect Management

Every defect tells a story. We learn from it and use our analytic framework to prevent similar defects in future.

We provide the most comprehensive and effective lifecycle testing services. We continuously work on automating the industry best practices through our pre-built point solutions and accelerators. This helps to ensure that the best practices are consistently used across the enterprise so as to increase the predictability of the project outcomes. We use the right mix of right-shored consultants and managed crowdtesting to assure that you get maximum risk coverage at optimum cost.