Digital Assurance

Speed of execution and customer experience are defining factors for Digital programs. Even today, the testing for digital programs is looked in silos leading to poor quality product and inadequate customer experience. QualityArc Digital Assurance Framework analyses the ever changing landscape of digitally enabled world and looks out for the holistic Quality risk in implementing a digital solution.

We can help you to Quality Assure these programs across four categories of risk factors i.e. functionality of digital product, risks from ever changing technology, risks from changing customers expectations and security risks. Our framework combines the best industry practices of old and new world to assure that the digital solution is best received by the customers. Key pillars of our framework are:

Digital Product Assurance

Efficiently ensures that all the high value and frequently used features continue to work seamlessly after every release.

Technology Assurance

Assures that the digital solution works on current and future technologies in an ever evolving world of technologies.

Customer Experience Assurance

Aims to assure customer experience through focus on usability, social media, interoperability and performance.

Information Asset Assurance

Effectively mitigates the increased security and privacy risks in ever expanding connected world.

Our DevOps as a Platform helps you to maximise agility by pre-integrating tools required for seamless delivery and collaboration between developers, testers and operations. The platform allows integration of vendor-specific and open source tools by using integration adapters and plug-ins.

We aim to provide some of the most comprehensive, effective and flexible assurance services across the digital value chain and the entire digital ecosystem. We can help you to build a blueprint to craft a digital assurance strategy that defines the right tools, methodologies, and measures to assure exceptional customer experience. We use the right mix of right shored consultant and crowd of testers to assure that you get real user feedback before the launch of the product.