Customer Centricity Testing

A high Quality solution helps in having a highly engaged customer which eventually results in higher acceptance of the solution by the customers. Three major trends in the connected world is continuously changing customer’s expectations. One, customer expectations changes with time. Second, fast changing technology poses new risks. Third, living increasingly in virtual world brings new security and privacy threats.

We can help organisations to validate the overall customer experience of a solution as perceived by a range of personas. The key to assuring good customer experience is to validate on how customer centric the solution is, periodically. We can help you assure customer experience across key non-functional dimensions of the solution.

UX Testing

Our framework for UX assure that the solution is validated for usability and enjoyability across all interactions points with the customers.

   Social Media Testing

Our social media simulation tests gives you the power to know how the public might respond to a new solution or product launch.

    Performance Engineering

We can help you to do capacity planning, performance testing and monitoring to ensure high performing solutions.

    Security Testing

We can help you to periodically validate the security and privacy risks relevant to your business domain and the technology used.

    Sociability Testing

We can assure that your solution works across the range of platforms, OS and browsers, every time their versions are changed.

Our consultants provide the most comprehensive and effective coverage for the Customer experience validations. We continuously work on enhancing and automating the industry best practices. We not only rely on our consultants, but engage the crowd effectively. We use the right demographics and personas from the available global crowd of testers to ensure that you get maximum coverage at optimum cost.