The need of regular diagnostics

April 14, 2020
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April 14, 2020
Yardi Automation As-A-Service
June 1, 2020

Regular diagnostics are vital for almost all areas/systems where the subject is responsible for tirelessly performing a real-world job. Benefits include not just having confidence on system availability and performance, but also helping detect small to large issues before either your users tell you about it or it fails to do its job and you end up facing a disconcerting situation.

Your tech support team also needs to be a step ahead in detecting failures and fix them to ensure uninterrupted service levels. One such scenario where a bot can be of enormous aid is Regularly diagnosing live CCTV camera feeds.

Be it a warehouse, corporates, banks or even traffic/speeding cameras, bots can not just crawl all or selected camera feeds but also raise alerts/to communicate in case of anomalies. Bots can also send a run report to the security team and integrate with your IT service desk ticketing systems to raise an issue and attach relevant evidence regarding failures. In case of cameras connected to the internet, the bots can confirm no IP conflict and subsequently ping their IPs, read the response and raise alarms in case of Request Time Out’ or ‘Destination Host Unreachable’ appears on the screen.

The tech support team on alert can respond to probable breakdowns before they can be detected by routine users. This enriches not just user satisfaction but also keeps the tech support staff one step ahead by making them privy of failures. These bots can also connect to VSM and apply the firmware upgrades.

QualityArc with its years of RPA experience can help your organization establish the required infrastructure by developing and running a low code bot. We have partnered with Automation Anywhere to implement its pre-built bots and get you started with your RPA journey in no time.