Technology Solutions

Regardless of your industry, the marketplace is continuously evolving. The reason, increasingly, is the evolution of disruptive technologies like SMAC and IOT. Customers interact with the business solutions built on these technologies through multiple channels, interfaces and devices that changes frequently. While they create opportunities for new products and new ways of conducting business, they also present Quality challenges like never before.

Our Solution accelerators ensure modular approach and wider coverage (especially for mobile and IOT) to help achieve higher customer satisfaction during the project stage. As the underlying technologies change fast, we advocate a periodic validation of these solutions in production, so as to continue to provide a functional solution and satisfying experience to your customers:


Our consultants effectively use a mature automation framework that seamlessly integrate with a cloud based mobile lab to Quality assure your app.


Our framework for testing applications deployed on cloud, either completely or hybrid, ensures that you achieve Quality application integration, security and availability.


Given its complex architecture, our framework assures an end-to-end solution to validate functional, interoperability and security across multiple layers.


We can work with you to develop and automate test execution for the IOT solutions specifically focussing on security and privacy concerns.

Our services utilise an ecosystem of tool partners and alliances so as to provide an end to end quality assurance for your solution. In order to tackle the challenges of a fast changing technology landscape, we effectively utilise “Automation first” as a strategy to validate the Quality of the solution. Our Automation frameworks are being continuously updated to mitigate the risks that arise from changing technologies.