Enterprise Solutions

COTS and SaaS based solutions are increasingly being adopted by the enterprises and have become the backbone of many organisations across the globe today. The complexity of the enterprise landscape and the pace of change faced by organisations is driving companies to move their focus from the quality of individual applications to the quality of the entire connected business processes.

However, configuring and deploying the right solution at a speed, such that it aligns with the organisation's business processes, is still a challenge and hinders achievement of business benefits.

Our enterprise solution set covers end-to-end standardised services that include advanced automation testing tools and pre-built test accelerators such as test cases, specifically for SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce applications:


Our SAP automation solution can help to assure quickly that your SAP platform is providing the functionality and business process execution your company depend on.


Our solution set across e-Business suite, PeopleSoft, etc. ensures that you achieve quality application integration, security, availability and low total cost of ownership.


Our holistic solutions set enables automated functional testing, performance and compliance testing for a range of Microsoft applications.


We can work with you to develop and automate execution of testing for your Salesforce.com or Force.com application of any size or complexity.

As the enterprise applications landscape grows to include new applications and technologies, it is vital that every critical business process works at all times. The more complex the environment, the harder it is to ensure that underlying transactions continue to perform properly across every enterprise application. Our Test Automation solutions make it possible. Our automated functional and performance testing solutions help ensure business process quality end-to-end, across all applications, technologies, interfaces, devices, and geographies. Automation allows customers to confidently bring continuous change into their enterprise application landscape and know that they have validated their critical business processes – so that they continue to run as needed.