DevOps As A Platform

One of the biggest value proposition of using DevOps is speed. DevOps as a Platform helps you to maximise agility by pre-integrating tools required for seamless delivery and collaboration between developers, testers and operations.

DevOps as a Platform allows integration of vendor-specific and open source tools by using integration adapters and plug-ins. The platform has out-of-the-box integrations with leading third-party tools. You can also configure platform as per tool specifications. Some of the key features of the platform are:

Enterprise Readiness

Platform offers enterprise class scalability, performance, reliability and availability to handle thousands of users.

Tool Extensibility

It is very easy to add new tools by registering to the integration bus and the tool is immediately connected to the rest of the tools in the system.

Cloud Compatibility

Platform can integrate any SaaS, cloud application, and hybrid cloud environment where cloud as well as on-premise applications/ tools need to be integrated.

Full SDLC Coverage

Platform can integrate tools used across the SDLC starting from requirements, design, coding, testing and release management.

We don't advocate replacing tried and tested tools with the new ones. Instead, we help you to maximize the value of the existing tools in your ecosystem. We provide you with an option to mix and blend the different flavours of integration technologies – federation, synchronization and linking, making sure that you always get the integration that your project demands.