Automation Anywhere Digital Workforce Health Status Manager Bot

April 14, 2020
How we helped a client test their business
April 14, 2020

Business small or large, governments, communities, all of us are doing our bit to come out as winners as COVID19 exposed our readiness to withstand threats of such enormity.

Once this passes (and it shall), it is going to change several things we see and do. But while it still is a threat, our staff are working from home possibly anxious and staring at news channels, oblivious about the world’s prospects. Some have found an opportunity in this crisis to be healthy, spend time with family, pursue a hobby and stay positive. Either way, the organization leaders should want to know how its workforce is doing.

While the HR leaders are diligently contemplating their organization’s “Post-COVID19” picture, an automated solution is essential which helps them focus on the immediate tasks at hand instead of performing non-creative and recurring tasks such as sending survey emails to employees.

The Automation Anywhere Digital Workforce Health Status Manager Bot helps HR leaders learn and analyze the staff’s well-being and productivity levels and eventually act if needed. The Bot when executed, sends a text message to destination (staff) mobile numbers or sends and email. The message has a link to a simple HTML page in which a series of questions are displayed. The survey questions are entirely customizable and to which the staff responds.

Once the staff submits the response, the data is collected in the control center and can be shared with the HR leadership. The leadership can then after analyzing the data.

QualityArc with its years of experience in Robotic Process Automation can help you to set up the required infrastructure to get the BOT running in no time.

The bot can be quickly installed and running in a short time; deployment, setup, configuration, and testing is fully supported by QualityArc and AAI and comes with the following benefits –

  • Delivers meaningful workforce insights: Daily view into global workforce status and productivity
  • Adheres to strict privacy controls: Data is guarded via anonymized aggregation and reporting
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Has passed a malware scan